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7 Things You Should Not Ask New College Grads

Growing up is such an unnoticeable thing that just happens. We think that when we “grow up,” we would be transcended into a different universe and would be conscious of it like a “whoa came from there, and now I’m here” kind of transition. But here is the thing: nobody, as in literally nobody, is ever aware of being an adult. It is just like you wake up one day and you’re there.

And this phase starts just about after college graduation. Usually, being an adult feels like sitting on a couch with a new phone, not minding the how to use instruction and just going about using it.

If you are graduating from college soon, or have been there already, we can all agree on these things you wish you didn’t (or wouldn’t want to) hear just then:

1. “What kind of job would you get with that degree?”

This question will strike new grads down to the core! It will hurt their confidence level, and some people even ask this without batting an eyelash! It makes new grads feel as if they have already ruined their lives before even starting it!

Today’s evolved workforce values collaboration. That means all fields are of equal importance and if there is indeed an absurd degree, why would a university offer it in the first place? The fact that it was in a curriculum means the economy needs it – even if we just don’t understand how.

2. “Why do you think it’s summer? Isn’t this unemployment?”

What a good way to burst one’s bubble! Just after giving them hope that they can finally get rid of their deadlines and binge-watch their most favorite series, you would do it again and hit that guilt-trip.

Aside from that this tells new grads that they cannot go out and celebrate a bit after years of schooling, it is a reminder that just like everyone, they are obliged to pay taxes – the worst part of being employed. Really.

3. “Why aren’t you hired yet?”


Like, you-just-pinched-my-confidence-right-there kind of hurt.

This is probably one of the worst things any new graduate would want to hear. It will inevitably drag their self-esteem down!

Just because a job didn’t appear at once doesn’t mean a person is not good enough. Remember, they need to be picky! Because… why not? They need a career that offers good benefits, a reasonable work schedule, and most importantly, growth opportunities.

4. “How much would you like to earn?”

A million! Or more.

OK, here is the thing: all young adults want is to earn money so they can do more stuff they weren’t able to do as students. But they will never tell you that!

The tendency is that they would think of themselves of lesser value, be eaten by embarrassment, then give you a lower number. We need to teach them to be honest all the time and make educated decisions, which they would seldom do.

5. “When will you start acting like an adult?”

As if there is a specific codebook to adulthood.

How do you define an adult? Here it goes – a tall child who pays all the bills in the world. Period.

No, just let them figure it out themselves. No pressure. Life is supposed to be fun.

6. “Why don’t you just grab that job for experience?”


They must not fall into this trap!

Their first job is the position that will define their career path forever!

They must not choose a job for the sake of having one. They should wait if they have to, as they ought to fuse skills and passion. That way, they can excel and at the same time, get paid for doing what they love.

Besides, being good at something one does not like can cause stress and job hopping. You know what they say about Millennials – they are always unsatisfied because, probably, they took the bait.

7. “So, when are you getting married?”

They are at a point where they can’t even decide which font and template to use for their resume and then they are asked to make a life changing decision just like that.

People get married because they are financially and psychologically ready and not because people want them to. Let them love themselves first and fulfill their dreams.

Let them become the right person then the right significant other will follow. Hopefully.

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