7 Places to See and Travel to Before You Die

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time to grab a piece of paper and pencil because we are about to reveal something any traveler would love. If you have the goal of traveling the world but need some inspiration, then this one is for you. We have created a list of 7 places to see and travel to before you die. Let’s begin:

Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China

Zhangye Danxia Landform

It is a famous landform that looks just like an illustration taken from a children’s book. It is hard to believe that these rainbow mountains really exist. This landmass was formed by multiple compressed layers of minerals and sandstone to create a Technicolor mountain range. Exploring this place will not disappoint you. If you’re ever traveling to China, make this your primary travel destination.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora

If you are looking forward to a vacation in the ocean, Bora Bora is where you should be traveling to. It has the reputation of beauty and zen-atmosphere. There are plenty of resorts on the island with rehab spas to provide you with much needed rest when you travel. They also contain over-water bungalows with thatched roofs and decks from where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

Fairy Pool, The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fairy Pools

This island is home to some of the most awe-inspiring sceneries in Scotland, so traveling there in genereal is a must. The mountains in the island are eroded by crystal cool water that is running down its side almost year-round to create its path towards a pound. It is just like an island described in a children’s story book, which is why it is called the Fairy Pool. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a Fairy Pool, am I right?

Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Island

This one is a sandy traveling destination. The homes are located in between the white sandy beaches and the Blue Ocean. If you are planning to travel with your better half, this will make a perfect romantic getaway. You will literally lose yourself into the coastal charm of the city.

The Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco


This place is landlocked, but it resembles a blue sea hidden at the foot of the Rif Mountains. The city was founded in 1471 when Chefchaouen was it used as the Moorish Fortress for the exiles coming from Spain. The reason for painting all the houses blue was religious in nature. According to Judaism, the color blue reminds them of the Power of God. A truly spiritual travel destination.

The Salt Flats Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Saral de Uyuni

Have you ever thought of traveling to a salt desert? If not, then here you go. This dessert has the ability to turn into the largest mirror of the world when covered in water. The area is approximately equal to the size of the Bahamas. This desert was formed when the Lago Minchin Lake dried up, leaving salt pans and puddles behind. Later on, salt deposits from the surrounding mountains leaked and form this salt desert. A truly unique place to travel to, especially if you like salt. Let’s be honest who doesn’t?

Terraced Rice Paddies in Sapa, Vietnam


These rolling slopes of thick bamboo forests, paddy terraces and mountains together form this fairy-tale Sapa. There are lots of steep slopes in the area that have fertile soil. Hence, why the locals here started cutting the terrace steps into slopes to cultivate rice. The landscape even changes colors according to the season. A truly inspiring travel destination.

This concludes our travel trips of the 7 most unique places to see before you die.

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