5 Ways to Change Your Brain When It Doesn’t Want To

You might cringe at first but change always gets better with practice. Especially when it’s about out main operator – the brain.

Take a deep breath, relax and cross your arms. Now, cross them the other way and think which one was more uncomfortable to do.

The part where you felt uncomfortable was a signal that came through your brain telling you which seemed okay and which felt awkward.

Habits are choices we make intentionally which eventually become our unintentional actions. Your brain is the part of your body that is a bit lazy when it comes to doing things out of habit. This makes it unable to decide between a bad habit and a good habit. It only does everything that you repeatedly do or say so it doesn’t have to work hard.

Why Don’t Poeple Change Their Brain?

Most people avoid changing because it puts their natural habits in awkward patterns. Whether it is a new job, a new car, a new apartment, a new routine, a new boss or a new diet your brain always takes time to adapt things.

For times when your brain doesn’t want to change, there is good news. You can intentionally train yourself to plan and behave in new ways without raising a mind conflict.

The next time you are trying to change and something inside stops you, here is what you need to remind yourself:

1) Emotions Can’t Be Controlled With Logic

During your phase of going through change, along comes a lot of fear of the unknown and anxiety. Your friends or family might tell you that change is good for you but you can’t seem to see the logical reasoning. This is where you give yourself time to process the emotions and get to the bottom of the matter. Why you feel a certain way? Don’t lie to yourself. Embrace it and overcome it in order to successfully change.

2) Recognize What Change Brings Along for You

Time to analyze what’s in it for you? Even you know change is good for you, it is always easy to resist as you find your old habits much more comforting. Now is the time to identify the benefit you will be getting out of this. The benefit will be the reason that will keep you motivated and will help you go through your discomfort too. If a benefit is what you can’t identify then evaluate what negative things you will get rid of through this.

3) Identify and Overcome the Barriers

Let’s say you are planning to change your health goals and moving towards a better diet and routine. This means eating better, exercising and having a good sleep. Everybody knows this is how to stay healthy but the barriers between the goals can be of money, time laziness or may be life getting in the way. To keep tact you need to plan out meals for each day and make a time table for your exercising routine too. All the tiredness of waking up early will go away with exercising.

4) Be with the Right People

Do not surround yourself with negativity or negative people. People create drama which is equivalent to stress and you don’t want that to intervene with your goals. Your reaching that level of change might get distracted with toxic situations. Distance yourself from such drama and save your energy for your own health.

5) Paint the Big Picture

Change seems daunting at first. But things tend to get better when we get to the other side and when you look back you will see a difference. The difference you will see is what is called change and growth. Keep your goal and the motivation in mind through the challenge, adversity, and change.

If you look back now you will see you have changed your way through and that’s a good track record. To get different outcomes you need to think differently and behave differently. Step outside of your comfort zone and manage your way up to success.

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